Xbox Live goes down again, Lizard Squad to Blame

xbox live main

If you are having trouble signing in to Live or have been kicked out while playing a game then it isn’t Microsoft’s fault because they’ve been DDOSed yet again by the Lizard Squad.

The hacker group seem to be highly experienced having the firepower to take down services like Xbox Live which is usually very difficult to take down.

They have taken responsibility for the attack on Twitter and a small glance at the Ipviking site shows St.Louis getting hammered by requests which is a clear indication of a massive DDOS attack.

You will be experiencing sporadic service and may be disconnected quite frequently. I know it’s annoying and hopefully Microsoft does something about it.

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  • Diego

    This sucks. Me and my friend were going to do an all nighter (Terraria) I mean, what’s even the point of taking down a whole network?!

  • Javier Maggio

    It’s down again already. I just tried to sign in and no matter what it says there is a problem with my connection. Maybe it’s on your end Microsoft. You programmed the message to always say that’s it’s my fault. Among all the useless updates you make me do, maybe you should include a message that let’s people know when Microsoft is the issue, not the customer.

  • lxLOBOxl

    LizardSquad #nolife

  • Sam Camarca

    I would like to thank the hamper hounds known as Lizard Squad for freeing up my Friday night….had no clue I didn’t really want to play at all tonight. This is the second time in a week, pretty sure I’m not getting the One or even renewing my live account until they get this under control

  • isabel

    I just wanna play minecraft with my best friend, we should sue! ugh!!!

  • Richard Barton

    maybe the FBI should do their jobs and get these bastards once and for all…i mean they admit to it and they did a bomb threat to an airline…Unless the government is involved as well!!!

  • Concerned gamer

    Microsoft an PSN y2k I did hear that the gov will fall by 2016

  • jake

    Came up this morning. Just went back down. Going to be a long holiday season. Is there really nothing that can be done?

  • hi

    I wanna know the whole point of why there doing this and what do they want?

  • hi

    If you guys didnt know theres a petition your able to sign online to get rid of those guys.

  • hi