Xbox 720 will release in holiday 2013 – Bloomberg

Microsoft’s next-gen system which is a successor of the Xbox 360, will release in 2013, a report by Bloomberg reads.

They have said that, according to sources familiar to them–and reliable ones at that–the Xbox 360’s successor will come out next year during the holiday season. Logically it makes sense as well considering they wouldn’t wanna give Nintendo a 2 year lead again, and another holiday season as a gift.

It is being reported that the new device will be available for Thanksgiving and Christmas sales, but the sources couldn’t be named because the product roadmap was under strict NDA, which means it was highly confidential.

The sources also added that Microsoft was unsure whether to reveal the console at E3 or during a separate event. If you remember Sony revealed the PS Vita during a special event in February 2011, and it was an event where we got a lot of information on the system.

It seems like Microsoft may do the same. Nintendo Wii U is and is already facing a trial considering its specifications are lower than PS3 and Xbox 360. We reported that its CPU is clocked at 1.25 GHz and is more than 50% slower than Cell and Xenon.

Microsoft also sold 750k Xbox 360 during Black Friday and Sony has shipped 525k PS3s during the same period. It seems the current gen consoles are doing pretty well and they will be around next year. It’s all about GTA 5 anyway, so I think that game will be a perfect way to celebrate these consoles.