Xbox 720 will be released in 2013: Final customer silicon in production

Microsoft’s next-gen console will hit the 2013 launch target, according to new developments.

SemiAccurate reports that Microsoft has finalized its Xbox 720 architecture which includes an APU. However, the testing stage has to be successful with the wafers giving solid yields and having no problems whatsoever.

One thing is certain though, the design has been finalized and has been sent to production, which means, they have the main Xbox 720 APU part ready and are waiting for the results of production. If the yields are not good, the design will change again and there could be more delays, until AMD provides them with a proper silicon.

If successful Microsoft can mass produce it in two months and will meet the targeted 2013 launch for their next Xbox. The taping process will last approximately 2 months, and the testing will go on for one more month.

“While we have not definitively heard about a go/no go wafer in decision, if Microsoft is going to launch their next generation console this year, they almost assuredly made the December 31 date,” the site reports.

“Any delay of more than a few weeks will mean no new console in 2013, there just won’t be enough time to make them.”

Considering how efficient Microsoft and AMD are and how much money is involved, 2013 release seems certain for the Xbox 720.