Xbox 720 to be revealed in April, domain registered – Report

Microsoft will reveal their next generation system in April, according to a new rumour.

There was also a new domain registration found called XboxEvent by NeoGAF members, which was registered by EventCore–the same company behind Microsoft’s E3 2013 event.

The registration was done on February 21, 2013 which shows that this was a response to the Sony press conference that was held a day earlier, and where the PS4 was officially unveiled.

The new console is rumoured to come with an inbuilt Kinect sensor and also features solid specs like an 8-core CPU, 8GB RAM and more. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft responds to the impressive PS4 specs, but for now, they have a few months to plan.

The PS4 will be released during holiday 2013, while the Xbox 720 is rumoured to come out this year. Don Mattrick will be hosting the event since he is the head of the Xbox division for Microsoft.

April rumour via CVG

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