Xbox 720 teaser picture posted by an anonymous Twitter acc – Rumour

A Twitter account which seems to have been created recently has posted a convincing image of the Next Xbox logo.

It just reads “Introducing a new way to play” and is just called the “Xbox”. The cropped text below reads, “What’s next from Xbox” and this image could be captured from the internal Xbox Event that was held from March 4-7.

The Xbox Event agent leak revealed that Xbox and Xbox games were going to be discussed, and that made sense considering plenty of outlets were reporting an April 2013 reveal for the console.

Take this with a massive grain of salt though, since the potential of people trolling for attention is high when it comes to next gen related news. The logo looks terribly designed, though. The image was posted on 16th March and it is interesting that no one managed to find it until now.

Check out the image below:

next xbox teaser

  • void

    The logo and motto aren’t both in the same perspective. Fail

    • Robert

      You’re correct it is fake.

      • Yup

        Yeah it’s a Y with a teardrop. MS wouldn’t be that stupid and it doesn’t fit with the new Metro guidelines.
        Fake as fake can be. Nice try though…

    • Gareth Lagesse

      If it is a photo, it seems more likely to be a photo taken of a fabric banner than of a screen. Hence the stretched “wavey” distortion.

      • Jason

        Exactly – it’s possible it was taken at MS START FY14 Internal event which had a lot of ‘what’s next for xbox’ discussions that lasted a whole two days March 6th & 7th.

  • Aidan Murphy

    xbox, where the logo is a circle

  • Ana Helušić

    ugly logo

    • Jimmy

      Like your box with no action. N4Gtarded PauperStation tart!

    • Lame

      Lamestation stole the Spiderman font.

      • TwoFrostedGuys

        Spiderman the movie was distributed by Columbia Sony picture entertainment , so Why sony stole the font ?????
        Playstation / Nintendo haters are Casual Turd

        • Jason

          Sony fans are poor freeloaders.

          • TwoFrostedGuys

            what? why u call me fanboy ??? YOU ARE MICROSOFT fanboy too…

          • You’reAnIdiot

            yeah we’re definitely poor freeloaders. especially the ones who payed $600 to $800 for there console. yeah totally poor.

      • Ritsujun


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      • Ana Helušić

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        • Vera Cruz

          Always better than a lowlife prostitute like you.

          • Ana Helušić

            Oh look, dumb idiot tries to troll again

  • Russell Gorall

    Looks like shit.

    • Jason

      Like your prison/rap sheet.
      Go beat up Ana Helusic and go back to jail with her.

  • jmc8888

    What’s that two band-aids on Kermit the Frogs eyes?

  • jolly

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  • Robert Gittings

    Why Xbox indeed?

  • Robert Gittings

    Why Xbox indeed?

  • mike

    I hope the gsm/3g/4g/lte chip will be well isolated, so the connection keeps alive.

    With the always online always connected, using a gsm chip is a smart move, so people can stop whining about their internet lines.

    Just like the small devices that allow people chatting on MSN messenger, for a fixed small monthly fee, the inclusion of that chip will allow the x720 to upload small data, like movies/pics watched, launched game names, achievements, and all the small data that involve launching or playing any item on the console. Sure, people won’t be able to download a 30gb game, but it will be fast enough for Microsoft to track anything that will be done on the console. With the DRM used on each game, if someone tries to install a game on a friend’s system, Microsoft will still be able to detect by asking their servers, via the gsm chip, if the game had already been installed on another system, and will apply whatever restrictions they want.

    With the x360, many people purchased the console solely for playing downloaded pirated games. If the hack was a good way for Microsoft to sell many extra million consoles, it also created some bad reputation regarding people playing on live and using hacks. Massive bans helped cleaning up Live from hacked consoles and games, but people could still play hundreds of games for free, locally. With the x720 and the gsm chip, Microsoft will be able to control everything, even if people don’t connect to internet. Hacking the x720 may be one thing, but being able to play pirated games on it, without being caught, will be another story.

    The most successful consoles were always the ones that got hacked. The ps3 might have sold 20 or 30 million extra units if there was a massive/simple hack available.
    Most people I know bought the 360 and the Wii, and had it hacked one week later, for playing pirated games. At the end, maybe 20-30% of the whole sales are due to people buying the console for hacking it. If Microsoft could prevent massive hacks via many DRM and always online methods, on the x720, it could also prevent many users from getting one, if they can’t play pirated games.50-50.

  • LiamT

    looks like a Y taking a dump

  • Whiskey Mike

    Anyone hear of fisheye distortion by something called a camera lens?…. banners…. blurring… not on the same plane….lol. It may be fake but it was a photo taken of a computer screen….