Xbox 720 specs now confirmed, 6x 50GB BR drive, diagram leaked

It seems we now know what Durango’s internal specifications looks like.

It was a known fact that the Xbox 720’s processor will be based on eight-core Jaguar chip from AMD, and it is interesting that the CPU, GPU, and RAM are all interdependent on each other and Microsoft has also added ESRAM to boost the slow DDR 3 RAM in the system.

There is supposed to be 8GB RAM in total, out of which, 3 GB is dedicated to the OS and hints at various functions that are unrelated to gaming.

The diagram posted by Vgleaks also suggests that there is a secret sauce component added by the company to improve the graphics processing of the console. The console also contains a 50GB Blu Ray drive which runs at 6x speed.

It is expected that Sony will also go with a Blu Ray drive which will be much faster than the one they used with PS3.

The Xbox 720’s GPU is said to be a bit underwhelming but it should be taken as a rumor for now, but based on what we know it looks like the Orbis will be better than Durango when it comes to pure processing power.

Some information about the Move engine is unclear for now and we really don’t know what it contains but it looks like this is the secret sauce that Microsoft has added to the system to boost the overall graphics output of the system.

Here’s the diagram of the next-gen Xbox:

xbox 720 diagram

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