Xbox 720 reveal not happening in April, pushed back a month

Earlier it was revealed that the Microsoft’s next Xbox would be revealed in April.

However, according to tweet by Paul Thurrot of Windows Supersite and Windows Weekly, Microsoft has pushed back the announcement by a month.

So that would make it a May reveal which makes no sense because E3 will be held in June.

If May is indeed the month Microsoft is revealing its next Xbox then it will be interesting to see how much hype that announcement can generate.

paul thurrot

Sony unveiled the PS4 in February and have been receiving a lot of media coverage so this delay from Microsoft does sound odd.

Whatever it is, it looks like people have to wait a bit more to see what the next Xbox will be like. Did the PS4 specs create shock waves at Microsoft’s headquarters? We will never know.

Take this with a pinch of salt for now since we haven’t confirmed this news yet.