Xbox 720 is getting Respawn’s shooter as exclusive – Report

Microsoft may have landed an exclusive before the official announcement of the next Xbox.

Respawn Entertainment who have been working with EA in developing a first person shooter are said to put the game exclusive on Microsoft’s console. The studio consists of members who left from Infinity Ward following a scuffle with Activision over Modern Warfare 2.

The shooter is said to be a war between David and Goliath, according to a report by Kotaku. They say that Davids are armored soldiers and Goliaths are giant exoskeletons–like the one you saw in Killzone 3 probably–and the Davids have the capability and firepower to take them out.

The game is running on a modified version of Source Engine and does not run on internal EA tech like Frostbite 3. It said to look very good but not as good as EA’s Battlefield 4. It will also be a multiplayer focused game and the studio is trying to pick a team to work on the 360 version of the game as well.

This is good news for Microsoft trying to secure some exclusives because considering the cost of making a game these days, third-party exclusives have dried up. The console will be unveiled on May 21st.


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