Xbox 720 in beta; AMD HD 8000M to power next-gen consoles?

AMD HD 8000M could power the PS4 and Xbox 720 if a slide from AMD is to be believed.

It says that AMD GPUs are the “graphics technology of choice in game consoles”. Now they could be talking about Xbox 360 and the Wii U, but why even release a slide at this point? The AMD HD 8000M is a mobile chip and this should be really surprising to many, but that chip actually has a higher performance than the GPUs in current gen consoles, and the Nintendo Wii U.

Since power efficiency will be the main target for console manufacturers like Microsoft and Sony, this seems to make the most sense because, a fully-fledge desktop GPU which has been modified to fit the consoles will still draw a significant amount of power and generate heat. The power budget should be maximum 300W, like the original PS3 model, however, considering the Wii U has a minuscule power draw, it looks like the other platform holders could be targeting this chip.

As you can see from this chart the power of the said chip is quite stellar.

amd next gen

amd next gen 1

It doesn’t seem not seem outside the realm of possibility that they will be using this chip. It’s easily better than the one in the Wii U.

The guy who has leaked the Durango dev kit pics, called “SuperDAE“, has said that the Xbox 720 or Xbox 3 is officially in the beta stage and he is awaiting his updated dev kit. He has since deleted all the tweets but we do have a screen grab of it below.


Take all this with a grain of salt obviously, but things are starting to get really interesting as we approach next year where the next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony could be announced.

  • Your Dads Mom

    Xbox Kryptos will fart PS Thebes right in the nostrils multiple times. Smokes it is an understatement.

    • Eccentricone

      I thought fanboys were extinct two years ago… not really I suppose.

  • Ana Helušić

    Lol maybe your mom will be shocked hahaha

    • Your Dads Mom

      awwh shuurrree….brahaha

  • Shagohod

    Next gen is going to be awesome. Besides, MS has cash to burn and might as well put such a chip in their next console. It could prove very favorable with the developing community.

  • Chris Bingham

    I’m actually interested into seeing if Microsoft and Sony will be willing to pay over the cash to add this chip into their next gen consoles, thought there is one problem… its only 2x more powerful than the Wii U’s GPU which might mean we’ll only see minor differences in graphics which is concerning and the fact if they do uses the GPU, will it have enough cooling?

    I can’t wait to see what the big M and Sony have in sort for us next gen, in the mean time I will be playing my Wii U which so far is giving me hope in the next gen as the Wii U is awesome.

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