Xbox 720 details: Always on, mandatory game installation, Kinect, more

It seems we have some legitimate information about Microsoft’s next console codenamed Durango.

The console as rumoured before will be always on and always connected. It seems an internet connection will be required. Games have to be installed on the HDD and and a large hard drive will be provided. You can start playing as soon as the installation begins.

There is a low powered mode in the console which will consume very less power and allows the console to be active at all times. A new ‘high fidelity’ Kinect sensor will be bundled with each console, and it features enhancements like wider FOV, no motors and better tracking.

The sensor is required to be plugged in to start the console. The controller has been improved and features low latency and better ergonomics. It will be easier to access and understand the system’s OS.

The console features a Blu-Ray drive but games cannot be playable directly and have to be installed. There will be 7.1 audio as well.

VGLeaks has got its hands on the XDK which you can see below. It seems this is the most accurate information we have on the console yet and chimes in with the previous rumours.

The console was also supposed to have an Eight-core CPU along with 8 GB RAM. As the screenshot below shows, Microsoft has gone with an X64 architecture to make development easier on the system. The GPU also supports Direct3D 11.

durango XDK leak
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