Xbox 720 console and tablet combo looking like a possibility

Microsoft’s next-generation system, dubbed as the Xbox 720, will be pretty sophisticated.

But if we take into account some of the reports about how technology is moving forward, and what Microsoft as a whole is doing, we could be seeing the Xbox 720 ship with a 7 inch tablet, which would not only give the Xbox Smartglass app a purpose, but also make the system much more attractive to people who live on the edge of technology.

According to a recent interview with Kojima (via EGM), he mentioned that connectivity between next-gen consoles and different devices will be the key. When you think about how Microsoft may almost assuredly include Kinect 2.0 with its next-gen console, a tablet which will be available as a separate accessory or bundled in could be a possibility.

There were reports that Microsoft was making a 7 inch tablet which will have a “custom ARM processor and high-bandwidth RAM”. When you think about this tablet shipping in mid-2013, and based on rumours that suggests Microsoft will created a gamer focused tablet, we could be looking at a deep connectivity between the Xbox 720 and the Xbox branded tablet.

Now the only issue holding them back would be the cost of the console and even bundling in a Kinect 2.0 seems a bit expensive at this stage.

This is all speculation based on solid rumours, so take it with a grain of salt. Earlier we had reported that the next-gen consoles may feature an AMD HD 8000M GPU, which should provide enough power for extra connectivity.