Xbox 720 and PS4 get new codenames, not Durango and Orbis anymore

It’s a common knowledge by now that Orbis and Durango are codenames for the PS4 and Xbox 720 respectively, and the Oban architecture was delayed.

However, these codenames have been changed according to new reports. Durango was first leaked via an ex-Crytek employee and Orbis was leaked via Sony’s website and how that happened is pretty weird. The website was called That page can still be opened now, though, and leads to a official Sony website.

The new codenames have been revealed by tech website SemiAccurate, and they say that the Durango is now called ‘Kryptos’ at Microsoft. These codenames change based on hardware changes and as each phase is completed but sometimes they are the same till the end until the final product is released–case in point NGP and the Vita.

The PS4 aka Orbis is now called ‘Thebes’ internally at Sony. They have gone with Latin (thanks, Brady!) names since Vita’s final naming, and it looks like the PS4 will ditch the common name and go with something unique.

It has also been revealed that the Xbox 720 runs on Oban architecture, which was delayed and still is, according to more reports. Whether this will push the Xbox 720 into 2014 remains to be seen.

The components for the PS4 will be supplied by AMD, and this is a very old news, and looks like it’s completely true as well. It will be manfuactured at Global Foundries or IBM and points towards a 2014 release as well.

Sony may not use the Cell processor this time around. Few weeks ago there was a report that the Xbox 720 will be released in 2013. They better get here soon because publishers like Ubisoft are getting impatient for next-gen consoles.

  • namegame

    PlayStation 4. Sony will be making a very dumb move if they “ditch the common name and go with something unique”. That didn’t help the Vita any and it will kill their next console’s mass recognition. People want a PS4 and will be searching for a PS4, not a PSO (Orbis) or whatever other nonsense name they come up with.

    PS4 or likely lose millions of sales over it’s lifetime.

  • Brady

    “Vita” isn’t Greek; it’s Latin

    • Eccentricone

      Thanks, updated.