Xbox 720 always-online requirement defended by Microsoft creative director

Xbox 720 will probably have an always-online requirement, and it has been confirmed by various reputable sources.

To make matters worse, Adam Orth, a Microsoft creative director, was spotted on Twitter defending it with bad analogies, and also had no answer to one Tweet. But in a way, this also could solidify the rumour that the next Xbox does have an always-online requirement.

Some of his Tweets have been deleted but overall this has been a poor show from him. Check out the screengrabs below taken by a bunch of GAF members. His Twitter account is now set to private.

The Tweets are in a way ignorant but he is entitled to his opinion.

Here he specifically tweets about the always-online requirement. Keep in mind, it is still a rumour at this stage.

Microsoft can change their plans at the last minute, but they are also exactly the type of company that will go ahead with something like this to set a precedent. Also, is Blacksburg really that bad?

  • Phillip Moore

    what a dick

  • hesido

    I can’t express in words, how bad the vacuum cleaner and mobile phone analogy is.

  • James

    This guy sounds like a complete prick!!! Well, if Microsoft wants a POS like this to represent their company we know what state the company itself is in. I will be saying goodbye to Xbox if the rumors hold true.

  • Elias Sideras

    What a fucking cunt.

  • duffman

    and i want privacy in my living room microsoft is breaching that im pretty sure .

  • Ballsman

    What an utter moron. He doesn’t get it? Fuck, Adam. If you choose to incorporate always online requirements into your console then you are making a conscious decision to make your console susceptible to internet outages. You could also make a conscious decision to make your console at least partially immune to internet outages, but you’re a fucking idiot, and thus, do not.

    To stupid to realize that one LESS feature, and LESS EFFORT, EXPENSES, LESS TERRIBLE PUBLICITY (INCLUDING INSULTING THE VERY FANS THAT PAY YOUR FUCKING FUND YOUR FUCKING PAYROLL, YOU CUNT), will result in a far superior product, and there for more sales and more money for the asshole company that stupidly employs you. How someone as dumb as you managed to find work doing something other than cleaning toilets at a company like Microsoft is beyond me…

    Then again they do seem to have a penchant for stupidity lately *cough* windows 8 *cough*

  • Name

    Buy a PS4 guys, and spare yourselves the bullshit