Xbox 360 won the generation, claims Peter Molyneux

Peter Molyneux, who used to work at Microsoft, has revealed that he believes the Xbox 360 won the current generation.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 are close sales-wise and many people would disagree with his comment, since both consoles have offered tons of great games and the sales are too close worldwide.

However, there’s the Wii as well which is the highest selling console of the current generation but many people don’t believe it contributed to the industry in a significant way.

Molyneux told BBC that “2013 is proving to be the year of the console hardware refresh. Although it’s exciting, it’s not nearly as exciting as when the Xbox 360 exploded onto the gaming scene just over seven years ago.”

“Back then, the 360 represented a huge leap forward in gaming, with a tangible increase in performance and fantastic multiplayer support. Gamers and game-makers were justifiably super-excited. Now it is that time again, but the world has changed.

“Tablet, mobile PC and smartphone makers are refreshing their hardware on what feels like almost a weekly basis. And on the horizon looms Valve with its PC-based Steam Box. Thereby hangs the problem for Microsoft: how to justify its new console, how to get us all excited.

“Its competition is no longer Sony and Nintendo, but rather Apple, Google and Samsung. Rightfully, Microsoft can claim it won the last console generation. However, it has always targeted the living room as the big prize. That’s why it packed the 360 with an array of “living room” features to try to persuade us that the machine could be a mix of set-top box, internet music streamer and Facebook browser.”

Do you agree with him? He does make a lot of sense. Personally both the consoles were fantastic and provided equal amount of fun, but that’s just me.

Via OXM.