Xbox 360 will reach 100 million units – Microsoft

Microsoft believes that the Xbox 360 will sell 25 million more to reach 100 million units.

As of the last fiscal year, the system is at 77 million units, which is a great achievement considering it is 8 years old now. Microsoft expects the console to go on for a lot more time and this may be one of the reasons why the Xbox One does not feature any backwards compatibility.

The senior vice president of interactive entertainment business, Yusuf Mehdi, told OXM that he expects the Xbox 360 to sell a lot and reach 100 million.

“We believe over the next five years we can break a 100 million unit installed base,” he said. “That’s something we’re shooting for, it’s not a financial plan as such, it’s just rough numbers if you will. To sell another 25 million, half of those will probably come from replacements, but half will come from new buyers.”

The sales may slow down once Xbox One is released and it may not be possible to reach 100 million since the current gen has been declining, but a price drop could change things drastically.

  • Kitty McGoose

    pure fantasy, the way its looking now they will be lucky to sell 1 million, thats just to the hardcore fan boys who dont care if they never actually own the games they pay for

  • Davy

    It’s certainly possible they’ll reach 100 mil lifetime sales. it’s not likely they’ll reach that number before the PS3