WWE 2K17: Here’s How You Can Meet Alberto Del Rio in Person

goldberg wwe 2k17

Earlier we posted that by pre-ordering WWE 2K17, you will get to two playable versions of WWE superstar Bill Goldberg, along with two playable arenas. E-Xpress Interactive, distributor for 2K Games in India, has announced that by pre-ordering the game you will also get a chance at meeting Alberto Del Rio in person when he visits the country this July.

You have to pre-order the game at any online retailer in India before 7th July which is more than enough time to get a chance to meet Alberto. The lucky winners will be announced at Games The Shop’s facebook page along with venue details which I’m sure will be held at Inorbit or Oberoi Mall. If there’s a different venue we will update you.

The game developed by Yukes and Visual Concepts comes out on October for the PS4 and Xbox One for Rs 3,499 and the last-gen consoles for Rs 2,499. It’s strange that last-gen consoles are still being supported two years after a new generation has begun, but I’m sure the console owners aren’t complaining.

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