Windows 9 Start Menu Looks Functional, Here’s How It Works

windows 9 start menu

Microsoft will go back to the basics with Windows 9. While personally I find Windows 8 to be an incredible OS and Windows 8.1 to be even better–mostly due to the fast kernel–it has to be said that many people were disappointed with it, and it had mainly to do with the lack of start menu.

Windows 8 was designed for touch screen devices and desktop users were given second preference by Microsoft, and while the sales weren’t impact a lot, there was a lot of negative word of mouth on the Internet.

Microsoft fixed it immediately in Windows 8.1 and Windows 9 will give users an option to select between the traditional start menu and a start screen. But desktop users can expect to be greeted with a start menu.

A technical preview version will be sent by the company later this month or in October and we may get more information on the new OS then.

Check out the video by German site that shows the Windows 9 start menu in action.

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