Wii U ships 3.06 million worldwide, 3DS at 30 million, cuts forecasts

Nintendo has released its results for this quarter.

The Wii U has sold 3.06 million worldwide and the software sales are 11.69 million. New Super Mario Bros. U is at 2.01 million units and Nintendo Land has done 2.33 million.

The 3DS shifts 12.71 million units, taking it to approx. 30 million sales worldwide. Animal Crossing: New Leaf has shifted 2.73 million units, and New Super Mario Bros. 2 has sold 5.33 million units.
nintendo unit sales

They have also cut the forecasts for all the consoles including the Wii U. They are projected to sell 4 million Wii Us, down from 5.5 earlier forecasted. They were expected to sell 17.5 million 3DS and that has been revised to 15 million.

There’s also a drastic drop in software forecasts from 70 million to 50 million for the 3DS and from 24 million to 16 million for the Wii U.

The net sales are at $6 billion, and there is an operating loss of $64 million. They have also posted $160 million net income. These figures aren’t that impressive and Nintendo would be looking for the Wii U to pick up in sales, before Sony and Microsoft release their systems.

Wii has sold 3.53 million and is almost at 100 million shipped. Meanwhile, the Nintendo DS did 2.15 million and is past 150 million.

  • http://twitter.com/celebfanforwin John Joe Silver

    nintendo land wasn’t bundled with every Wii U packaging.. in Ireland anyways you had the choice of nintendo land/sonic/zombiu for the base model or the 32gb “premium” u got zombiu and the choice of nintendo land or sonic

    • Eccentricone

      Thanks, edited.

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.j.cann Christopher Mexi Cann

    Soooo then…Nintendoland was bundled with every Wii U was it? Including the Basic package and the ZombiU Package?? Please check your facts before writing articles.

    • Eccentricone

      The Nintendo Land thing has been edited. Thanks for pointing it out.

    • http://www.facebook.com/DjKing1994 King Daniel

      Nintendo Land is bundled in US only available in Deluxe Set which was selling out.

  • Currentlyme

    So for every one console sold, 4 games were sold? That doesn’t make any sense. Smells fishy!

    • http://www.facebook.com/DjKing1994 King Daniel

      no it the truth.
      Mostly 3-5 Games were brought for every Wii U.
      I got three games with my Wii U.
      Basic Model.