Wii U now Confirmed to be Hacked, First Game Dumped

After the announcement of the Wii U Key which breaks Wii U’s security, a modding scene has released the first game dump.

The Avengers: Battle for Earth becomes the first unlucky Wii U game to be dumped and weighs in at 23GB. We will of course not be posting the direct link to that, but it looks like every game is padded to fill out the disc. It’s not clear whether the padded content can be removed at this stage or not.

The modding scene known as ‘Venom’ is quite an old player and this looks like a really bad news for Nintendo. The company had earlier released a statement saying that they were aware of “that a hacking group claims to have compromised Wii U security”, and they will be taking necessary legal steps to stop piracy.

The Wii U key enables piracy and doesn’t really benefit the homebrew scene much, so this is something that isn’t really advantageous to people looking to legitimately run emulators and the likes on the console.

Here’s a screenshot of the NFO file:

  • http://www.facebook.com/ana.helusic Ana Helušić


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    • Elroy


    • Hardcorded

      GFY, you whiny little bitch.

  • Tommy

    Nice Work, but there are no games for thee wii U to dumb XD

    • vbfgf dfdf

      yep… and this low tech hardware is useless.

      • Carlos Markic

        Are you talking about your brain..?

  • mellon

    You can dump 3ds games… doesn’t mean the 3ds is hacked though, does it.

    • dm

      Well there are flash carts available which load dumped games, and there are also emulators which play dumped games. So yes, it has been “hacked”.

      • mellon

        Errrrm, you’re thinking of the the DS. There are no flash carts that play 3DS games, only DS games on the 3DS. Hell, there aren’t even flash carts that can play DSi games… so no, the DSi, 3ds or Wii u has been hacked.

        • mellon

          *hasn’t been hacked.

          • http://www.facebook.com/DeadPixel99 Christopher Hanson

            Well the WiiU actually *has* been hacked as in there is a hardmod ODDE coming out from the same people that made it for the original wii, it will not allow homebrew so it’s not a true *mod* but it will let you play your wiiu backups. I wish they wouldn’t release it for at least a year since this could possibly be a system killer, piracy killed the dreamcast and i don’t want the same to happen to the wiiu.

          • Yep

            Piracy didn’t kill the Dreamcast, the PS2 did.

          • tnb2

            exactly… people who blame piracy on killing systems make clueless statements. Piracy should be the least of Nintendo’s worries since Wii and DS are still all-time best selling consoles and any “Mario” title makes a HUNDRED million every time REGARDLESS of the missed profits.

        • Sh0ckwave

          There are flash carts for DSi and 3DS, just google it.

          • http://twitter.com/C_DiMisa Chris DiMisa

            No, they do not. Just Google it and then look past your nose.

          • http://twitter.com/C_DiMisa Chris DiMisa

            Yes, that is a flash card for 3DS. Older flash cards don’t work on the 3DS, so you need a 3DS flash card such as the one you linked to. But they still don’t play 3DS games, only NDS games. The 3DS is still a hack in progress.

          • Carlos Markic

            Uh..NO. It’s hacked.

    • http://twitter.com/louievdag クリス ♒ WΔV¥ ♒

      They dont have the security key for the 3ds . They have it for the wii u though .

  • me

    crack PS Vita then show off. SONY waves their dlck at these guys mouth. PS Vita : cant crack me! – MC Hammer

    • http://twitter.com/louievdag クリス ♒ WΔV¥ ♒

      Don’t nobody wanna play that shit LOLOL That’s why it ain’t hacked

      • Elroy

        Yeah, it’s absolute crap, like everything $0ny.

      • http://www.facebook.com/DaSilvaGuitars Miguel Da Silva

        And, for the record, there IS actually a Hack for the Shitty “PS Vita”

      • Marcus2012

        That’s why the Wii U has sold 2 million copies in two years right? it’s OBVIOUSLY flying off the shelves *rollseyes*

        • Arcyne

          That’s funny, considering the Wii U has only been out for a year.

          • Marcus2012

            Yeah, I forgot it’s release date, sorry about that. but my point still stands.

    • Kchorrex

      The PSP emulator on the Vita is already hacked. What the vita needs is more games and a considerable discount on memory sticks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001451819214 Ryan Smith

    could you imagine hackers making ds and 3ds games playable on the system or porting from 360 or ps3?

  • Noko

    I just wan’t to use the controller as a tablet for my PC!

  • nanasi


    • wayne

      cool voted up this comment because it looks like Alien text from the Roswell crash..

      • andrew

        Are you fucking retarded!? That’s called JAPANESE. You must be one of those ignorant backwoods hick fucks from the States huh?

        • Guest

          Man, too far. That really wasn’t funny, and kind of rude.

  • http://flawedgaming.com/ Ryan Fanus

    Psshh.. they are wasting their time with this hack. The Wii U isn’t a next-genc ocnsole with enough next-gen games to justify hacking it. Stupid hackers.

  • Gary

    Wow, now third party dev`s will be backing away from the Wii U since assholes like these guys will lower their profit margin and assholes will just pirate all the games.

    • anallube

      NOW Third Party devs will be backing away? That happened many years ago… like… back in the N64 days. Notice how there’s barely any third party devs who produce games for ANY Nintendo system since the SNES? And even if just talking about the Wii U itself, anybody who knows anything about development is already aware that Nintendo caused third party devs to back away from poor business practices and relationships. Just look at Bethesda and any other dev that hasn’t ported any newer games to the Wii U; or the insane lack of a catalog of games still a year after release. The Wii U is Nintendo’s Dreamcast. Enjoy it while it’s still around; Nintendo is just going to be a software dev soon enough.

      • Gary

        Doesn’t change the fact that piracy is a douchey thing to do.
        Also, with Nintendo’s handheld market I doubt they will be going software only anytime soon, people buy Nintendo consoles for nintendo games a little third party love would have been great but I’ll always have my ps4.

        • Captain Fookface

          Not as douchey as releasing buggy/unfinished/broken/shitty games like the majority of greedy developers do. Piracy FTW

  • Kchorrex

    I had no idea about this. I only realized because I just saw there are people charging for modding your WiiU. I wonder if hacking it so early was somehow intentional on Nintendo’s part in order to build its install base. It’s happened before.

  • Felicity Merriman

    And you guys had the nerve to post the AES key itself. :P

  • pokemontrainer

    I like the thought of the wii u beeing hacked, it won`t kill it. They still sell the DS don`t they, eh?? Also the 3ds is partially hacked. There is a flahcard for 3ds games, its only very uncomfortable to use. I for myself hate sony sooooooooooo much. They just suck and make me ill, those bastards. Got a PSP, it broke for no reason after a bit more than a year and they said it was my fault. I cared so much for this thing and then it just kills itself. So Sony can stuff its crap where the sun will never shine !!!! Nintendos stuff still works after about 25 years (gameboy),as if it was new. They will survive even if their consoles get hacked, who will download 23 gb just for a game? I won`t. I`d just use it to backup my legal games, so i won`t have to change the disc and to play hacks.