Wii U is “current gen,” claims Ted Price; Excited for Xbox 720

Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price has revealed a few info in a recent AMA on Reddit.

He feels that the Wii U is a current gen console and they aren’t really interested in it. The studio is making no games for the system. He also praised Sony for going close to indies and is looking forward to the Xbox 720 announcement from Microsoft.

“Wii-U is something I’d consider more current gen – but we’re not working on games for it,” he wrote on Reddit.

“When it comes to PS4 I’m excited that they seem to lowering barriers for independent developers. It’s cool to see almost weekly announcements from Sony explaining how they’re opening things up for indies. And of course I’m very excited to see what Microsoft announces soon.”

Their latest game Fuse has a demo out on PS3 and Xbox 360, so do go check it out.

Source – Ted Price AMA on Reddit.

  • Angel

    Its amazing that no one considers the Wii U a next gen console and more amazing that no one wants to make games for it. If this keeps up Nintendo may have to give up on the Wii U after this year.