Wii U has OS level screenshot function, can hide spoilers

Operating system level screenshot integration will allow people to take screenshots whenever they want.

Nintendo has revealed that the Wii U supports universal screenshot function. It was revealed via an Iwata Asks: Miiverse developers article, and there is supposed to be a spoiler button too so that people can choose to block spoilerific images if they wish.

“If you spot a cool scene, you can post a screenshot by pressing the HOME Button,” Kurisu-san said. ”There’s a spoiler button, too. We’ve designed it so that people who don’t want to see spoilers won’t have to.”

It’s a bit disappointing that we have come to know of these features via indirect ways instead of an official announcement. Such an OS level integration is something that will really enhance gaming experience for many people and it’s something Nintendo should have announced long time ago.

Let’s see what else the Wii U has, because Nintendo is hellbent on making things complicated for everybody.

Nintendo has also changed the way they count memory with the Wii U. Earlier they used to count it as ‘Blocks’, where 8 Blocks equaled to 1 MB. Here on the Super Mario Bros. U box art it says 14 MB required, so it seems like Nintendo has joined the human world at last.