Wii U gets blasted by EA Engineer, Calls it “Crap”

You know when EA said they aren’t making any games for the Wii U? Now we know the reason.

They think it’s crap apparently as another employee at a high level position the company has tweeted some undesirable things that potentially reveals what they feel about the Wii U.

The Wii U is less powerful than an Xbox 360, he claims. He also bluntly proclaims that it is crap and the online service is poor. None of these things are fake though, and he makes sense, but the way he delivered it on Twitter especially considering how volatile fans can be, is not really an intelligent move.

However, EA has already stopped making games for the Wii U so they probably don’t care about his comments. He also said that the company will focus on things that will make them money like mobile and Gen 4–which presumably includes the PS4 and Xbox 720.

His Tweets have been deleted but we have a bunch of screengrabs of the same. He clearly isn’t afraid of speaking his mind which is a good thing.

wii u ea engineer 1

wii u ea engineer 2

wii u ea engineer 3