Wii U April System Update Complete Details and Features

The Wii U will be getting a new system update this month that will speed up loading times, but we have more details of that.

These details were revealed in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct where a bunch of new games like The Legend of Zelda 3DS and Yoshi’s Island 3DS were revealed.

The loading times will be improved when switching between software or just browsing the Wii U menu. You can also copy and move data between USB drives.

The system will install the software that was downloaded in the background automatically. Software updates won’t require you to boot the game and will be downloaded.

Wii mode can be accessed while the Wii U is starting up by holding the B button. You don’t have to wait till the system completely boots to the Wii U menu.

It will also download and install software when the system is turned off. By that they probably mean standby and you can see the red light on the console.

Wii U virtual console will also be added a day after the update which means another small update? That looks unlikely but maybe it will already downloaded with the original update.