Wii U and 3DS Complete Sales Data for FY 2013 (hardware and software)

Nintendo has released some latest numbers for their consoles as of March 31, 2013.

The 3DS is doing really well as expected and has sold 31.09 million units till now. It has also shifted 95.03 million software, which is pretty great too.

The Wii U in comparison is faltering and has fell much shorter than projected sales figures. It has sold 3.45 million units and has shifted 13.42 million software. Best selling games for the console are Nintendoland and New Super Mario Bros. U which have both sold around 2 million copies each.

The console isn’t performing as Nintendo expected but they have been ramping up the marketing, and more games will be released for the system this year. There’s no signs of an imminent price drop by the company.

Check out the charts below.