What To Expect from Sony’s Gamescom 2013 Conference

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Sony has been doing everything right this year and their PS4 announcement has gone just as they expected. There’s a lot of goodwill and word of mouth for the PS4 due to the positive policies and an affordable price, however, there’s still one hurdle for the company to pass; maybe quite a few hurdles.

That’s why Gamescom this year will be vital for Sony considering the competition has intensified due to Microsoft’s backtracking and lot of policy changes on their end. So what could they do that will make people preorder a PS4 and make the console their first choice for next-gen?

PS4 Games

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Launch line-up of any new console will be a vital factor in attracting people to it. While Sony has announced a bunch of launch titles like DriveClub, Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack, let’s be honest, it could be a bit better. Infamous: Second Son’s delay makes the situation a bit worse since it’s the best looking PS4 and next-gen game shown so far.

While it’s certain that there will be a few new PS4 games and maybe new IPs shown because they themselves said that it will be a PS4 focussed show, people should be expecting these announcements below.

1. Helldivers: Sony recently registered a domain called helldiversthegame, and if we go by The Order:1886 an announcement could be imminent at Gamescom. The game is speculated to be an air combat game but could be something else too.

2. DriveClub updated build: Evolution Studios will be showing a new build of DriveClub and whether it will run at 60fps is something that is not clear at this point.

3. Blacklight: Retribution PS4: Zombie studios have confirmed that Blacklight: Retribution PS4 version will be shown at Gamescom.

4. Indie focus: If you watched the Sony E3 press conference and subsequent announcements on Indie support for PlayStation platforms, one thing is for clear, Sony will be showcasing indie games a lot more at major trade events since they find it important for their business model. Gamescom this year will also feature first Indie Game Booth Showcasing 10 Games.

PS4 Release Date

DualSHock 4 3

The PS4 release date will be most likely be announced at Gamescom. Rumours floating around suggests that a November release is likely, and the same goes for Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Sony’s website recently had this text: “We’ll kick off the show at 18:00 BST on 20 August 2013 with a briefing to media on our release plans for PlayStation 4, as well as updates on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.”

This makes it pretty clear, doesn’t it? This is something that is going to 100% happen at the conference.


ps vita remote play with ps4

1. PS3/Vita price cut

2. New PS3/Vita games

3. PS3/Vita bundle announcement

4. Oculus Rift support

5. New Naughty Dog game

6. The Last Guardian PS4 announcement (TGS seems likely)

7. Additional PS4 system features showcased

8. A few third-party game announcements

9. More information on PS Plus

10. Gaikai information blowout

Which of these predictions do you see happening at Gamescom? Let us know below.

  • mus1CKFps

    i honestly see all of this happening and some, not to mention i believe sony will shock us all with the release date plans it might be earlier then we think and that would be simply amazing can’t wait to see what sony dishes out for the PS4 And the other sony platforms gamescom will be amazing

    • Russell Gorall

      There is strong rumor of late October release date.

    • rendermonk

      Every since E3 I’ve been saying that Sony has done everything right concerning the PS4. And with all their ducks in a row, and wanting to beat MS to market, and have a restocking opportunity for the Christmas Holiday, there has to be an earlier than expected release for the PS4. Since E3 I’ve had a gut feeling that it would be October, just after Beyond: Two Souls releases. But I’ve also had a sneaking suspicion that they could really punch us all in the gut and have a September release! Why not!! With the two next-gen consoles being so close to parody, every single day on the market ahead of MS results in stolen sales from X1. Why wouldn’t Sony want to launch in Sept. Their FCC regulations are passed, they’ve got a big GamesCom blowout here at the end of Aug….How stunning would it be if they told us, you can pick up your very own PS4 next month, September 17th, 2013.

      In all honest that’s what I would do if I were Sony. BUT, more realistically, mid October would still beat MS to market (X1 Early-Mid Nov) and that’s what they want to do. But I say, if you’re gonna jump the gun, why not JUMP THE GUN! More than likely, once Sony has announced their official release date, MS will announce their release date within the week to try and steal PS4 news time, and that date won’t be more than a few weeks difference at most if Sony launches mid-late Oct. Minimizing the wait time potential X1 buyers have until their desired console of choice hits the open shelves. But if Sony released PS4 early-mid Sept, there’s no way X1 could release close to that time. This would make the wait time for X1 buyers jump to almost TWO MONTHS!!! That’s too long to wait in a core gamers mind, especially when they’re already on the fence about their next-gen console choice. Again, if I were Sony, I’d go Sept if at all possible.

  • Sean Mesler

    I think any ND announcement will happen at the VGAs.

    • Russell Gorall

      Well, judging their track record it will be exactly like Uncharted.

      • mus1CKFps

        I think ND may reveal a new uncharted at Gamescom or at the VGA i think thats in November because sony always has saved something for then, also not to mention if you think about it TGS is right around the corner and im hoping and praying they give us more information on deep down the and hopefully The Last Guardian

      • Sean Mesler

        OK? The Last of Us isn’t EXACTLY like Uncharted but they do share some DNA. And since I’m hoping the next ND announcement is another Uncharted game, I hope it’s exactly like Uncharted.

  • Russell Gorall

    Good stuff, thanks.

    • mus1CKFps

      definitely good stuff can’t wait for Tuesday to see what surprise sony has for us