Watch_Dogs: Ubisoft Explains The Next-Gen Version Advantages

Watch_Dogs on next-gen consoles will feature better graphics, Ubisoft has revealed.

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The game runs on the Disrupt engine which has been in development for over four years and the engine is said to be flexible as to allow current gen console owners to have a great experience. If you choose to buy the game on next-gen consoles, here are the benefits of that as revealed by Senior Producer Dominic Guay.

“In our city we simulate the way people drive cars. The electricity is simulated. The water is simulated. The wind is simulated. Everything reacts to everything. Making all those systems talk to one another is where you get branching reactions.”

He also added that while the core gameplay experience will be similar between both versions, there may be some minor tweaks in the current gen version like reduced number of people on the street.

“On current-gen systems we may need to cut down the number of people on the street a little, but it’s still the same game. You don’t get the same sense of the crowd, but it allows us to scale certain bits and keep the same experience.”

Animation Director Colin Graham chimes in: “The reputation system isn’t a good or evil meter. It’s actually the perception people have of your actions. It completely affects how the city will react to you. If you run around just taking everybody out and killing tons of people, the citizens are going to think you’re kind of a jerk and they’re going to call the cops every time you do something wrong. You’re going to get spotted by the media more.”

“Players are going to know they aren’t getting a bad experience if they play Watch Dogs for the current gen, but the next gen is the real HD experience. You can zoom in another level. You can have better shaders, better simulation on the wind or the water, more particles, better atmospherics… Basically anything you can get with more computing power.”

The current gen console experience will be fantastic but the next-gen version is where the full experience lies.

  • Dakan45

    ““On current-gen systems we may need to cut down the number of people on the street a little, but it’s still the same game.”

    Ok same experiance then, slightly ugpraded visuals.