Watch_Dogs graphics comparison – Downgrade visible? (Video)

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Ubisoft released a PS4 trailer for Watch_Dogs recently which didn’t go too well with people desperately waiting to play the game. The reason? The graphics didn’t look as crisp and beautiful as when the game was originally revealed back in 2012.

Has the game been downgraded? Here’s a video that compares the graphics. Let us know below what you think.

  • sony>microsoft

    maybe that’s the pc version?

  • PS4>XONE

    This is one of the games where it gets hyped up to the point of destruction and it fails to live up the expectations it set out to in the first place. There are many games like this already and I am not surprised that Ubisoft would throw a 180 on things just because it might make the game run a little better or make a little more money.

  • Michael Ocampo

    I honestly think it’s looking BEAUTIFUL!! This looks even better than previous footage in my opinion.

    • rodney patrick

      You need glasses

      • Michael Ocampo

        You need to realize that unless we can see the final game go head to head with the old footage in THE SAME SCENARIOS, we can’t really say much but what I can say is that it looks stunning both before and after (after being better of course imo).

  • Blu_J

    I do 3D animation for a living, it looks like the earlier footage was running on a high end PC & has allot of evening shades, water effects which is an allusion to look better. Remember back then they had to draw the eye. On the other hand the newer footage is all bright daylight not dusk not raining & if you look closely have PS4 button controls. So it’s running directly from the console. The welcome to Chicago trailer looks to be running all the environments on the ps4 and is looking good. Hope this helps.