Watch Uncharted 3 at Glorious 60fps and 1080p

uncharted 3 screenshot 5

Uncharted 3 ran at 720p and 30fps on the PS3 and that’s what the PS3 could handle, however, the developer already had assets at 1080p and running at 60fps which they gave to the press, in this case Digital Foundry.

The video has been uploaded to YouTube, which was recently upgraded to support 60fps videos.

The game looks absolutely insane in 60fps and you can actually see that it suits the fast paced action really well. Uncharted 3 won’t run at this resolution and framerate on the PS3 but if Naughty Dog makes a HD remaster on the PS4 then it’s possible.

Uncharted 4 will be running at 60fps though and that game will be one of the best looking games on PS4 ever if the past Uncharted games are compared.

Check out the video below.