Watch the Full Develop Conference Mark Cerny Video Here

Mark Cerny gave a speech at this year’s Develop Conference and there were a lot of interesting things that were revealed there. He said some things that were known and some that weren’t and overall it’s a good watch.

We have the complete video for you and watching this man speak is simply a joy to behold. Mark Cerny is the lead architect of the PS4 and he officially unveiled the system specs in February this year.

The PS4 will be released sometime later this year. The video is around six minutes in size and that shouldn’t be a problem because Cerny’s speech is great.

He also revealed some new details on Knack–a launch title for the PS4, along with some information about a giant DualShock controller they created for the game so that it could be accessible for kids. That controller probably won’t be on sale, though.

Check out the video below.

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