Watch Stunning Gran Turismo 6 Gameplay Footage Here

The first gameplay video for Gran Turismo 6 is here.

Jordan from GTPlanet managed to capture it at the 15th anniversary event where the game was officially announced. A lot of things were revealed including the packshot, feature list, tons of screenshots, concept movie, and other technical details.

The game features new physics and engine, which should give it an edge over Gran Turismo 5. The game is similar to the previous one in many respects but that shouldn’t be a surprise considering it’s on the same platform.

It was confirmed to be released on the PS3 this holiday season and a PS4 port is still undecided although that can happen.

Check it out the video below.

  • Kenny Stimmel

    That’s lookin real good cant wait to see what the ps4 version is lookin like!