Was The Last of Us AI Downgraded After The Initial Demo?

The Last of Us, a critically acclaimed game from Naughty Dog, may have had a few changes after the initial demo which was shown before E3 and managed to impress a lot of people.

A user has captured a video which shows the differences between the AI in the old build and new build. It looks staggering and something that really makes you wonder about the quality of artificial intelligence present in the final game.

It’s a known fact that the friendly AI is weak, but the game does have some intelligent human enemies. Having recently completed the game on the hard difficulty, I found the AI to be pretty good and but did not encounter some of the scenes shown in this video.

The creator of the video claims to have played on the survivor difficulty but that’s up for scrutiny. Take this video with a massive pinch of salt since it’s difficult to prove unless played on survivor difficulty.

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