WarZ: Shocking Info revealed by Ex-Mod, game is a direct port of War Inc.

WarZ came up quickly after DayZ gained in popularity, so there should be some relation between the two, right? But according to WarZ developers the game was in development long time ago much before DayZ came out.

One ex-moderator has, in a shocking revelation, said that the game is actually a direct port over from War Inc.

“WarZ is a direct port over from War Inc. They literally took the game and added NPCs, made a large map, and changed around camera angles and gun settings while adding more functionality and switching over some things,” he revealed.

“ALL ART however was actually done in-house by their amazing ART team.”

It’s all a money grabbing scam, he says. The developers purposely ban people who are hooked into the game so that they will buy the game again. It has also been revealed that the devs plan to abandon the game if they don’t get enough revenue in six months.

“They plan to HALT DEVELOPMENT AND ABANDON THE GAME in SIX months if revenue is not enough for them (I.E. People are not buying GC and spending the fuck out of it) — take note, if they do not get ENOUGH revenue,” he said.

“They will have enough revenue to pay for the game development for over a year at this point in time already, but if they don’t get enough to give themselves regular raises they will stop making the game and shut down the servers and website.”

However, take this information with a pinch of salt because the moderator guy could be messed up too. You can never take one side seriously here, because these are shocking allegations.