Warframe dev praises the PS4: “powerful console with great connectivity”

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Digital Extremes is hard at work developing Warframe for the PS4, and as expected Steve Sinclair, creative director of the game, is full of praises for the next-gen PlayStation hardware.

We know for a fact that it’s a cleverly designed system with very few limitations and even the GDDR5 RAM latency was dismissed by lead architect Mark Cerny. It also contains a dedicated audio processing chip for rich audio.

“PS4 is a powerful console with great connectivity and online features. It lets us bring over our high-end visuals without compromise, with the promise of pushing it even further in the future,” Sinclair told GamingBolt.

“The PS3 was a great machine and the SPUs were insanely fast if you customized your code for them – with the PS4 the power increases yet at the same time being more generalized. We got our Warframe engine up and running in just three months on PS4 – it was such a pleasant experience… with Warframe being a ‘new’ franchise, I guess it just made more sense from an intuitive level to look to future platforms.”

The console will be released later this year for $399 and features tons of launch titles.

Thanks, GamingBolt.