War Thunder is a launch game for the PS4, Cross-Platform Play Confirmed

war thunder ps4

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that War Thunder will be a PlayStation 4 launch title and the in-game footage below shows how the game looks on the console. The game was originally announced to be shown at Gamescom, which Sony did, and it was revealed during the conference that the game is optimized for the DualShock 4.

“The age old battle between who rocks more, console or computer gamers, now has arena for it to take place. War Thunder for the PlayStation 4 is cross-platform compatible allowing for computer and console fans to battle it out for gaming supremacy,” Gaijin CEO Anton Yudintsev revealed.

“Just think of it, more than hundred planes, tanks and ships – all fighting on the same map. We look forward to seeing our 3 million plus online community take to the skies, or prowl on the ground to do battle in War Thunder accompanied by PS4 users.”

The game also supports cross play between the PS4 and PC.

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