Vita gets a price drop in Japan, no price yet for US and EU

Sony has dropped the PlayStation Vita’s price in Japan significantly.

Both the Vita and 3DS are evenly priced in Japan, and this is a move very few people saw coming. Sony abruptly announced an event for the Vita before the PS Meeting 2013 event, where the PS4 is going to be announced.

Sony Japan president Hiroshi Kawano announced the price cut for both the Vita models. The WiFi and 3G/WiFi, both will cost 19,980 yen in Japan. It’s not clear why the 3G model is priced similarly as the WiFi model, but this could be due to stock clearance.

The PS Vita earlier cost 24,980 yen in Japan, and this is a price cut that can be termed as a good move, considering the system’s sales in the region are floundering.

Meanwhile, this price cut seems to be only for the Japanese region, and nothing is confirmed so far for the US and EU markets. We will keep you updated if there’s any development on the price cut for the western markets.