Versus XIII: “Surprise scoop” for a “Long awaited title” on Famitsu

This issue of Famitsu has hinted what’s going to come on its next issue, and it’s something that can make fans happy.

Fans of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and The Last Guardian of course. While the latter is something that we don’t know whether it exists or not, Versus could be definitely be revealed on Famitsu. Both these games have got a lot of information blowout on magazines before.

It is said that it will be a “surprise” scoop for a “long awaited title”, and you kind of know what fans really have been waiting for a long time. Kingdom Hearts 3, right? Nah, that couldn’t be it, since that team is actually working on Versus for now.

We also earlier reported that Versus XIII could have a different name as Amazon Japan had listed the title as tentative.

It is most likely Versus considering it’s been two years and this reveal could be an announcement of a special event that Square Enix is usually known to held for select titles. Here’s the January 2011 trailer that was revealed at a special event.