Valve Finally Apologises for Steam Mishap, Is It Enough?

steam controller

There was something wrong with Steam on Christmas. Many people couldn’t access the store and while Valve confirmed in a recent statement that it was indeed a DDOS attack, there was something even worse that happened.

A cache configuration intended to make the store loading times a lot faster got messed up and people who logged onto Steam during that time could see someone else’s account, email and last two digits of credit card.

While, personal information was exposed online, nothing actually can be done and it doesn’t affect users in any way. Still, being a large service provider Valve should’ve been a lot more careful.

In their statement they said, “As no unauthorized actions were allowed on accounts beyond the viewing of cached page information, no additional action is required by users.”

This seems like such an easy way out considering many users are genuinely upset with what happened. There was a complete lack of communication during the outage which led to panic and it’s a mystery why Valve doesn’t hire a PR company or have official spokespersons to connect with their users.

Sony didn’t get off so easily after the PSN hack and while one could argue that it was worse, Valve needs to do a lot more for their customers that trust them so much.

“We will continue to work with our web caching partner to identify affected users and to improve the process used to set caching rules going forward. We apologize to everyone whose personal information was exposed by this error, and for interruption of Steam Store service.”

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