Updated DriveClub Demo Coming at Gamescom

driveclub screenshot 2

DriveClub looks a bit rusty after being shown at E3 this year and there’s a reason for that. The game is only 35% done and considering there’s not a lot of time left since release, the developers really have a massive task on hand in shipping the full game.

Fortunately, Evolution studios’ Paul Rustchynsky has revealed that a new and updated demo will be coming at Gamescom and hopefully the visuals look much better than what we saw at E3.

The developer is also considering to make the game 60fps, instead of 30fps with more visuals, but that’s still up for consideration. This is what he posted on GAF.

FYI there will be a new and updated demo at Gamescom next month :)

The game is a launch title for the PS4 and a free version will be available on PS Plus, although, it contains some less content than the full version. Gamescom will begins on August 21st and will end on August 25th.

  • Magilla187

    ahh yes, utilizing that hardware on the PS4 can’t wait to see what this game looks like at the Gamescom