Until Dawn PS4 Gameplay Video Shows Scary Moments

until dawn ps4

Until Dawn was finally shown at Gamescom by Sony and the title which was originally being made for the PS3 and was slated to take advantage of the PS Move, is now very different.

How different? We have a video for you that shows just that. The game does not have a release date yet but it is expected to be out sometime in 2015.

The game has a cheesy Hollywood story, at least based on the Gamescom trailer. It’s about a man with a clown mask who is out for blood and is targeting a group of adults who are trying to forget a childhood memory.

This is like every other horror Hollywood movie, isn’t it? But in video game form.

You can check out the video below.

  • Umm?

    No, it’s not lol. Face value says so, but the actually game itself offers a unique butterfly effect choice based system that dictates story elements such as who lives or dies. With apparently 1000’s of different outcomes.