Until Dawn Trends on YouTube, Gamers Show Interest

until dawn main

Until Dawn which was released last month on the PS4 has surprisingly received a lot of attention on YouTube. It’s kind of a movie game where you have minimal control but get to make decisions that will decide the fate of the characters.

It has a teen horror theme where a bunch of teenagers try to escape a pyscho in an abandoned house. Of course things are a bit more complicated that that.

It is also a game that can be perfectly watched on YouTube and there is nothing you will miss by doing that. Popular YouTube channels have been streaming the game as well adding to the game’s popularity.

If you like David Cage’s games then you should give Until Dawn a try. You can watch some gameplay here.

Here’s YouTube’s top games for the month of August.

Until Dawn
Call of Duty Black Ops III
Madden NFL 16
Pac-Man 256
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Super Mario Maker
Gears of War
World of Warcraft

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  • http://ianbrettcooper.blogspot.com/ Ian Brett Cooper

    “A movie game with minimal control”? Have you played it? You can get all 8 characters killed, or save all of them, with hundreds – perhaps thousands – of story variations in terms of the characters, their interactions and individual fates. And long sequences involve exploring 3D environments where your character’s movement is unlimited – not scripted or limited by a cinematic. You don’t get that sort of freedom with “a movie game with minimal control”.

    And people who watch the game on YouTube will miss a lot of what makes the game special. For one thing, watching on YouTube conveys none of the game’s tension. This is a game that should be played first, then watched on YouTube – not to see the game, but to see how other players react to it.