Unreal Engine 4: PS4 demonstration video and stunning screenshots

Epic Games and Sony revealed the Unreal Engine 4 running on the PS4.

As you can see from the full specs of the system here, it is really powerful and is really something that can be called an incredible leap over the PS3. The RAM makes all the difference here and Sony has delivered on the front.

“We are thrilled to build onto our long-established success with PlayStation,” said Tim Sweeney, Epic’s founder and chief executive officer.

“Unreal Engine 4 is expertly designed for the next generation of game development and the outstanding power of PlayStation 4. Today’s demonstration offers a preview of what developers can accomplish using our tools to create games for PlayStation 4.”

This new demo starts where the original demo showed last year ends, and features a “dynamic lighting and shadowing bring intensity to contrasting volcanic and snowy vistas. Real-time reflections, subsurface scattering and GPU-powered particle effects fill the screen space with visual gems as a new ice behemoth cracks free from a frozen mountain and emerges with a radiant, frosty bellow.”

Check out the trailer and screenshots below.

unreal-engine-4-5 unreal-engine-4-4 unreal-engine-4-3 unreal-engine-4-2 unreal-engine-4-6 unreal-engine-4-11