Unlimited Bloodborne Blood Echoes Glitch (Post Patch 1.02)

bloodborne ps4 screenshot 1

Blood Echoes are the Souls of Bloodborne. You can buy items, upgrade weapons and do a lot of other things with them. Now, they are easy to come by. You basically get them by killing enemies and consuming certain items.

However, we have found a glitch that allows you to get unlimited Blood Echoes. Now this will break the game as you can do anything you want with this glitch.

We have a video below, found by our contributor Kenny Stimmel, and as you can see in the video it’s pretty easy to do this glitch.

This has not been patched yet and will give you unlimited amount of souls. So do it before they patch it.

The instructions are given in the video.

  • christoph

    It doesnt work.the cages from the dogs are open and the are outside. is it a problem when the hit me? i make it like in the the video. ???

    • Kenny Stimmel

      If you set the trap off to the right of the dogs at any point the glitch won’t work. You’ll need to wait till new game plus or make a new character. In new game plus you can get way more echoes depending on your level when you beat the game. I get over 10k now.

  • Kinjutsumaru

    Seriously, how on earth do people find these glitches?

    • Kenny Stimmel

      I was playin and noticed I got free echoes so I started running around and kept getting them. So I played through the same path looking for close to the amount of echoes I was getting for the glitch and the dogs matched perfectly. Once I could constantly recreate it and had a few friends test it I knew I had something.