Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review – As Good As A Mainline Uncharted Game

I thought I was done with Uncharted games after Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End but after Naughty Dog’s latest title called Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, I’m actually shocked at how much I still enjoy the Uncharted formula.

The Lost Legacy, henceforth TLL in the review, is not a DLC but a fully fledged single player title offering 6-7 hours of great non-padded gameplay in the moderate difficulty. The lack of a number behind the title shouldn’t be taken by people as a sub-standard product or just a short DLC. This is as good as the mainline games and after finishing it recently I would even put it higher than Uncharted 3 and Uncharted 4 in terms of how much I enjoyed.

The game stars Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4 and Chloe Frazer from the first three Uncharted games. There’s a surprise too for people who played Uncharted 4. It was a great opportunity for Naughty Dog to give these characters more exposure and backstory and they have done a terrific job with them in the game.

The game is set in Bangalore, India or it could be Chennai because I heard people talking in Tamil at the start. It is definitely set in south India and revolves around the Hindu god Ganesh and his broken tusk item which was a very guarded artifact of the ancient Hoysala empire.

The first chapter is set in a city which is ravaged by the military and is on the cusp of a civil war. There’s some good roof top platforming and action here and this shouldn’t be a surprise to people who have played the previous Uncharted games.

Let’s begin with the graphics. It simply looks phenomenal, even better than Uncharted 4 in some cases. The visual effects especially in the later chapters are through the roof, considering the perfect pacing and non-stop action. The art design is incredible and some of the areas you will visit in this game will make your jaw drop. It also supports 4K and HDR if you have a capable TV and it always surprises me how Sony first-party can push the PS4 to great heights.

The story as I have mentioned before revolves around finding a Ganesh tusk and it will take you to exotic locations which are very well designed. Of course, there’s a danger here with the enemies magically finding their way in after you do an impossible platforming section. However, with explosives, I guess it is easy to forge a path.

There are puzzles and they are well designed too. You can easily solve them all with trial and error. They are pretty fun too especially the shadow alignment ones. It actually feels like you are tomb raiding compared to the Tomb Raider actual games. I guess Chloe should be called the new Lara Croft because she is one hell of an explorer.

The combat in TLL is pretty straightforward like Uncharted 4 and you can pick up weapons from downed soldiers and from crates which you can lockpick. The mechanic is simple and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Chapter 4 is open world and the game gives you a jeep with which you can just drive around and explore locations. It’s just like chapter 10 of Uncharted 4 but much more improvised and it also makes sense. It is also the only open world chapter in the game that lets you go wherever you want.

I finished the game in two sittings. I have embedded my playthrough in this review. The second video is 5 hours long and it was so interesting that I wanted to finish it without getting up or doing something else. The voice acting and random banter in the game is excellent as you would expect from a Naughty Dog game. The villain is also interesting, however, his motivations are a bit underwhelming.

The best thing about TLL is how awesome the pacing is. It is the reason I finished it in a day. There is no padding and a lot of unique content. There also doesn’t seem to be too many recycled assets from Uncharted 4 and they have created a lot of new ones for this game. It is important to put emphasis on this because they made this game in a year. It also contains a multiplayer mode like Uncharted 4 and is a 50GB download.

For $40 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is fantastic value for money and has a lot of content considering the multiplayer mode. If you are a fan of Uncharted, you will enjoy this game a lot.



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