Uncharted 4: Here’s How To Find all the Collectibles (Video)

Uncharted 4 screen 1

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has a lot of collectibles which includes treasures, journals, notes and conversations you can unlock by just playing the game. Many of them are missable and since the game is bigger than the previous Uncharted games, it will take you a lot of time to find them all and unlock the trophies.

Fortunately we have a video guide which shows you the exact locations of these collectibles. You can get them all in one playthrough and we recommend doing it on your crushing playthrough if you are going for the platinum trophy. There’s also a trophy for beating the game in less than 6 hours so it will be difficult to get them in that playthrough.

There are 193 collectibles, 25 journal entries, 23 journal notes and 36 optional converstions (thanks PS4trophies)

We recommend you to enjoy your first playthrough and find most of them normally. You will be able to load specific chapters to get them all.

Here’s our review of the game. We gave it a glowing 9.5/10 score.