Ubisoft Has Crossed The Line With AC Odyssey

Ubisoft is getting better and better at making Assassin’s Creed games and it is also getting greedier and greedier at making money by exploiting players.

If you are interested in playing the new AC game please be advised that the game is too grindy without buying the XP boost from the store.

Yes, if you want to spend a decent amount of time on the game and actually complete it you will have to buy the booster or it will take a lot of time to finish the game.

This is quite different from the previous games because there’s a level scaling in this game and it is ridiculously hard to complete missions without leveling up because enemies will be at your level.

Buying the XP boost will take your total cost of the game to $80 which is getting to the point of being ridiculous.

AC Odyssey however is a gigantic game and will take you more than 50 hours to finish but if you want to spend $80 on the game then it will save you a lot of time.

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