Ubisoft details next-gen ‘Zombi’ changes


Zombi was announced for the PS4, Xbox One and PC by Ubisoft a few days ago and it is none other than Wii U’s ZombiU remastered and enhanced.

They have now detailed what players can expect from the next-gen version. It won’t be having a second screen so here’s what has changed.

Main details:
– Devs wanted to maintain a minimal HUD in order to preserve ZombiU’s sense of lonlieness.
– Mini map now appears in a corner of the screen. Only appears when you need it.
– Increase of FOV to give player more spacial awareness.
– Accessing your backpack still does not pause the game. Backpack interface appears in the middle of the screen while player can still see to the left and right to watch for zombies.
– Multiplayer mode from Wii U removed as it simply couldn’t be done without two screens.

Other changes:
– Two new melee weapons: shovel and nail bat. Shovel has longer range and can hit multiple enemies in one swing, nail bat does more damage and also can hit multiple enemies.
– Flashlight has a new high setting with a wider, farther reaching beam but it will attract even more zombies when you use it.
– Flashlight now has a battery and has to recharge (ala Half-Life)
– Game “will perform better on newer consoles” (obvious) and controls have been tweaked to be more responsive.

This looks pretty good and the game will be out in October. It’s great that these changes are being made to give players a great survival horror experience.

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