Tretton: “Playable PS4 content at E3”, “affordable”, explains why console wasn’t shown

Jack Tretton, CEO of SCEA, was absent at the PlayStation Meeting held on February 20, but he has revealed a lot of new things about the system.

He said that the company will bring the best technology at the most affordable prices. And when why they didn’t reveal the console and pricing at the meeting in a video interview with BusinessWeek, he said that they weren’t trying to sell the system to anybody. It was an event for unveiling the system.

“If you’re interested in buying it tomorrow, you can’t have one. It’s coming out Holiday 2013,” he told BW. “There’s a lot of the story still to tell, we wanted to focus on the games, and we wanted to talk to our gaming audience and there’s a billion of them out there. And the gamers got it. And that’s who we were talking to.”

He also revealed that the system will be shown at E3, and people will be able to play PS4 games on the show floor. There will be multiple unveiling until the holiday 2013 launch.

“There will be multiple unveils. Our biggest industry event is E3 coming up in June, and there will be a lot of playable content on the floor. It’s not a consumer show, but consumers will get their opportunities to play before it ships.”

So E3 2013 it is, then. It’s also an event where Jack Tretton will be on stage to speak about the system and… sales of the PlayStation ecosystem.

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