Toriyama Explains Requirements To Get Super Saiyan and “S-Cells”

Dragon Ball Super has progressed further in its latest ‘Universe Survival’ arc and there are a few months left until it comes to an end. While Goku has obtained Ultra Instinct, there are still some questions about how the Universe 6 Saiyans can achieve Super Saiyan so easily and also about Goten and Trunks.

In a new Q&A with creator Akira Toriyama, this was explained and the explanation is pretty interesting. We also got to know about Super Saiyan God and the lore behind it. It was explained a little bit in the anime but we now have more information on it.

It is stated that not everyone can become a Super Saiyan through training and anger. There have to be certain cells in the body called S-Cells which all the Saiyans possess but not in the required amounts to become a Super Saiyan.

Once these cells reach a certain amount a transformation into a Super Saiyan is possible. This can be possible through a trigger like anger which we saw with Goku in the Namek saga. Goten and Trunks have inherited a lot of S-Cells which makes it possible for them to reach Super Saiyan easily.

Having a gentle spirit is also the best way to increase S-Cells according to the creator. However, some battle power is also necessary. This explains why the Universe 6 Saiyans were able to transform easily.

He also revealed a few information about Super Saiyan God. Long ago before Planet Vegeta was filled with the Saiyans, there was a man named Yamoshi who had a righteous heart and was a Saiyan as well. He along with his comrades tried to fight the other Saiyans and that’s how Super Saiyan God was born.

His spirit has been searching for six righteous-hearted Saiyans ever since. This is how Beerus picked up the information about Yamoshi in his prophetic dream.

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