Tons of Pokemon Redesigned In Generation 1 Style Sprites

There are tons of Pokemons out there and a Redditor rod_munch has redesigned them in Sprites. Yes, almost all of them.

So how did he do it? Don’t ask me. It’s a work of art and surely a lot of effort must have gone into it? It’s a single image that shows almost all Pokemons ever, however, some of them from the new 3DS game might not be there, but it still qualifies because Pokemon X and Y isn’t out yet.

Pokemon has a huge fanbase and people seem to love it a lot. I guess it’s really easy to get attached to them as they grow and evolve and “Gotta catch them all” is something that everyone says when playing Pokemon games. OK, not really.

Check out the image below. (Open in a new tab for high resolution image). Stay tuned to Gamechup for more news and information.

  • seppe

    who is that last pokemon?