Tomb Raider sells 1 million in less than 48 hours

Tomb Raider is proving to be popular among public and it seems the reboot is a massive hit.

The game has sold 1 million in less than 48 hours according to an Eidos Admin.

He posted this on the official Tomb Raider forums: “TR9 sales hits 1 million after < 48 hours!”

The game came out last week and has been receiving plenty of good scores and it looks like it’s a commercial success as well. The franchise was in decline before but it looks like this reboot was the best thing that ever happened to it.

tomb raider

The game is pretty good as well sitting pretty at 86% on Metacritic. We will update this story once we get an official confirmation from Square Enix.

Update: Karl Stewart, global brand director of Tomb Raider, has confirmed this as well.

  • mike

    I’m playing it on my ps3 and I’m enjoying every bit of it.
    The light engine is great, and having those great textures with no aliasing is really great.
    It’s not a critic, but I wish some levels were less dark, rainy.sure, that island is ‘special’, and some dark tones contribute to its mood and atmosphere. Buts its just the first levels that are like that(jungle,etc), and soon it becomes just perfect, with different levels, places,etc. I’m in a level where I have to kill many enemies with ‘fire'(don’t want to spoil), its maybe the best action scene I have ever played, in my +20 yo gaming life.

    If you like the uncharted series, or simply want to have a great time, with a great game, please go out and get this game. I grew up as an Indiana Jones fan, and these games just make me feel like its real me in the game.

    I’m happy this tomb raider is a great game, with a great graphics engine. It just means we will have many others tomb raider games, in the future. I can’t wait to play another Lara croft adventure, on my ps4, next year.

    I hope it sells like 8-10 million units, the game deserves it.

    Well done, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics.
    You can already start making the next Lara croft game, my money will be yours.

    • hesoyamdonMonster

      8 million wow !! that wont happen, i think the developer will be very pleased if their able to sell 4-5 million. it always nice to hear when good game are selling will !!

  • John G

    Loving it on my PC. Those TressFx :p

  • Dan Habig

    Funny you said if you like uncharted go and get this game. I love uncharted but tomb raider didn’t copy uncharted,uncharted is a rip off off Tomb Raider. It is true Raider slipped in game play but i’t is what started that kind of game play behind Zelda/link games

    • cusman

      I have played all the Uncharted games and this new Tomb Raider game. The new Tomb Raider game doesn’t feel like an Uncharted game. It is a wholly unique feel much more emphasis on Survival and Exploration. If it took heavy inspiration from anything, I would say the source was Resident Evil 4.

  • matt25

    Yes! Yes!

  • dirkradke

    Got Tomb Raider for the 360. To me the lighting and graphics look better than Uncharted 3 which I also have for my PS3. The cinematic sequences and the way they segue into actual gameplay is the best I have ever seen. There has been a couple times I didn’t realize control had returned to me and ended up being killed by bad guys.

  • mike

    I mentioned uncharted because both have great graphics, you control a hero, you explore, you fail, you fall, everything crashes under their feet, you collect stuff, you have video flashbacks for telling the stories, you save your partners, etc etc.
    While I’m a huge huge fan of uncharted, I am amazed how good tomb raider actually is.
    They took the old tomb exploration stuff and made it much much better, where in uncharted you collect tresors, they added many different things to TR, documents, old things that belonged to dead people, art from old japan, etc. Honestly, I prefer 2 times more the gunplay sequences on tomb raider, everything just comes and moves smoother, its a pleasure to aim a head and throw an arrow or ammo, where, on uncharted , I need to adjust my shot too often, like a little bit to the left, too much, let’s compensate and go right, too much, once again to left.. aiming and pressing fire on tomb raider its just so smooth and well done, its really a pleasure.
    They also made a more open world than on uncharted: often, with drake, we have to follow a precise path, and most of the time, we just go from A to B.
    I really enjoyed how tomb raider was done: we still have sequences and cinematics at certain stages, just to make it more ‘Hollywoodic’, but then, we have a fair amount of freedom, and as long as we don’t reach a place that introduces us to another part of the script, we can move however we like, and we can go anywhere, even if those places were already visited. Its really a nice addition to be able to go back to places where we couldn’t go, because we needed special stuff, and play them again, to grab all those hidden tresors we missed.

    The length: so far, its amazing how big the game is. I’ve just played 4 hours, I’ve already played like 15-16 hours, and I’m still at about 80% done. I play on normal, and I don’t rush, I take all the time to really enjoy it, and look at those amazing graphics.

    Talking about graphics, I’m really surprised how this game plays and looks this good.
    I’m a big huge fan of uncharted, that was a true reference, along with god of war and a few other games. Effects on uncharted are amazing, the rain, the snow, wind, smoke, fire, etc. But honestly, for me, tomb rider has better water effects, as well as the fire. The fire is so well done, things really look like they are burning from inside. And the water, oh Lord, that water is a real marvel. Can’t count how many times I just stopped walking, just for admiring those effects and colors. It’s just that good.

    I’m also impressed there is no aliasing, no frame drops, no screen tearing. Everything looks incredible, colors are varied and well chosen, textures are really great, with amazing reflections. Lights are simply amazing, and coupled with great textures and artwork, its a pleasure for the eyes.

    On the audio side, I prefer uncharted, with no hesitation. Music’s are better and more present, and voices are just perfect. Lara croft’s voice, it looks like a 15 yo girl moaning while she has … ! And when she opens a chest, her ‘ohhhhhhhhh’, ‘ahhhhhhhhh’, someone who doesn’t know its a video game will think its somebody watching some pr0n. Really.

    Sorry for the big post. I’m really excited and happy about this game. When I see what crystal dynamics could achieve on a 7yo ps3(I guess the x360 version is exactly the same quality as the ps3), with less than 450mb of ram, I can only be amazed when thinking about what could be possible, on a system with 8gb of ram.people, just imagine every single texture in high-resolution, with incredible backgrounds, and much much more of everything. 2014, its gonna be an excellent year for gamers. We can’t even imagine how games will look like. I’m sure its gonna be insane.yes, I’m excited. After the Sony meeting, and since x720 should be as good as the ps4, based on what we could see, like killzone, I have many reasons to be happy and excited about next consoles :)